Christmas Trees in the Squares of Riga

It is an annual tradition of Riga to decorate the Dome Square, the Town Hall Square and the November 11 Embankment with three stately, majestic green Christmas trees. In the presence of Rigans – mostly families with children – each of these trees is lit up in a special event at the beginning of December. Riga City governors select the fir trees with the thickest foliage in Riga municipality forests, inviting media representatives and children to participate in the annual event. To replace the felled trees, many new fir tree seedlings have been planted.



Agnese Staģe (Pārdaugava Music and Art School), author of the idea and the design; pupils and teachers of Riga Art Schools

Glimmering in the branches of The White Tree in the Dome Square are special snowflake flowers made by pupils and teachers of Riga art schools. These were created by more than 100 pupils from the Pārdaugava, Latgale Suburb and Bolderāja Music and Art Schools, as well as from the Māra Muižniece Riga Art School.



AS Adam Bd subsidiary Adam Decolight Latvia

Christmas tree ornaments – various objects made of straw – symbolically represent the historical market traditions in the Dome Square. The visual image of the Christmas tree emphasises the uniqueness of the handicraft and the ascetic simplicity and beauty of environmentally friendly natural materials.



Ināra Liepa

At the end of 2013, the main Christmas tree in Dome Square heralded in Riga as the European Capital of Culture in 2014. Alongside the artistically stylised Christmas gifts, the branches of the Christmas tree displayed flags of the European Union as a clear signal to city guests about the upcoming major cultural event.



Anita Znutiņa-Šēve

The visual image of the fir tree alludes to the rooster of Riga church spires as the historical master of the city. This time, from the top of the tree, the rooster urges the townspeople to wake up to celebrate Christmas.



Visvaldis Asaris

The historical architectural heritage of Riga churches and other cultural buildings also includes unique stained glass windows. Inspired by these antique artworks, the author has designed stylised large-scale Christmas tree ornaments as fragments of stained glass windows.



SIA Studio Des Fetes Latvija

The lantern has been chosen as the leading theme for the visual image of the main Christmas tree of the Town Hall Square, both as an artistic image and as a romanticised household item that was used daily by the residents of Riga. The Town Hall Square Christmas tree, illuminated by a warm golden spectrum of light, creates a cosy Christmas mood.



Visvaldis Asaris

In lieu of the New Year’s Eve celebration event on the November 11 Embankment, city residents were delighted by the Christmas tree of Riga, decorated with stylised Riga golden rooster figures.



SIA Studio Des Fetes Latvija

Mrs. Riga is conceptually decorated in the colours of the city’s flag – blue and pure white, while the top is decorated with the keys of Riga. The silver balls in the Christmas tree branches stylistically stir up associations with classic pearl strings manifesting the splendour of the celebrations.