Work on the landscape object “Decorative line” began in spring, when preparing an entry for the selection contest for “The way through the Christmas trees”. The author of the idea is artist and teacher Ineta Greiza.

In spring, Christmas tree ornaments and shapes were studied, and the first sketches designed and created, taking great inspiration from the creations of Russian artist/jeweller Fabergé. The idea was visualised by artist and teacher Helga Jaksone, in cooperation with computer graphic designer Martins Lacis.

Helga Jaksone also developed the technical solution of the object. During the course of the project, good cooperation developed with the shop “Discomania”, who provided the appropriate UV lighting and carried out the necessary calculations.

Students from Grade 5 created the “dummy” version in autumn, making ball-shapes from PET bottles and paper measuring approximately 1-1,5 m in diameter, and securing them with sticky tape and cling film.

Several experiments took place trying out different lighting and material combinations. As a result, the object creators – artists and teachers Ineta Greiza, Helga Jaksone and Sandra Osite decided not to use paint to decorate the object, but instead used various reflective materials to achieve the desired result.

Following the installation of the object, local residents have given positive feedback about it. Many of them are unable to understand how the colourful lighting effect has been achieved, as it seems so magical! Those surveyed admitted that they wait with interest each year to see what object will be installed by the Bolderaja Music and Art School, decorating it for the festive season.

The artists gleaned new ideas and inspiration, through creating this object, and plan to create innovative new objects with their students, which could form a thematic exhibition in the coming year.