The journey to „The way through the Christmas trees”

This year’s landscape object festival “The way through the Christmas trees” has 39 art objects on display, which are the result of artists from the creative society and students of the Art Academy of Latvia’s Creative workshop.

The name of the festival already allows artists to express themselves creatively with no specific guidelines from Riga City Council’s Department of Education, Culture and Sports, who are organising the festival for the 9th winter in a row. The words “Christmas”, “fir tree” and “way” already capture the imagination. In particular, the word  “way”. This may be purposeful, occasionally unpredictable, risky, but also with many nice surprises!

When considering the way, or trail, that is to be followed on foot in order to see the festival objects, one might say that this year’s festival “The way through the Christmas trees” is especially family-friendly, as the objects in the city centre are situated close to one another.

For example, if we climb to the top of Bastejkalns, up to the object “Forbidden”, and look down, then just from this one viewpoint we can see so much. Firstly, by the canal, the object “Opart”, which is the first “opart” style object to have been created from over 200 objects over the years of the festival.  Looking over to the right, in the direction of the Freedom Monument, we can see the object “Holiday tree”, which symbolises the joy of Christmas, which we anticipate eagerly, along with the white snow. If we swivel round to look in the opposite direction, we cannot fail to see the bright object “Fir tree MMXVIII”, as well as „A personal Christmas”.

It is a similar story in Kronvalda Park, near the Congress House. Onlookers, walking through this territory, may encounter the objects “Roots”, “Wood people”, “Green disco fir tree”, “The first Christmas tree on planet Earth” and “Portal”. From there, it is a short walk to the Art Museum of Latvia where, with the use of mobile phones, onlookers can switch on the colour symphony of “Centenary fir tree”, and see the “Window fir tree” on the other side of the Art Academy of Latvia, from where the romantic mood takes you down the alley of brightly lit objects “Dreams of posts”, and on to the route leading to Baumaņa Square and Vermanes Garden, where an additional 4 objects may be viewed.

Each object has a small plaque placed by it with the name of the object and the idea behind it, to help onlookers understand the message the artist is conveying.

Information about the objects, the map and descriptions may be found easily at  If preferred, onlookers may find the free booklets/maps at Riga City Council Customer service centres, tourism information centres, Riga Central Library and its branches.

Dear onlookers! Use this opportunity to enjoy the 9th landscape object festival, “The way through the Christmas trees” until 13th January!

Mr Guntars Kambars, Head of the City Festival Coordination Unit, Riga City Council’s Department of Education, Culture and Sports