Two objects can be seen in Pardaugava, outside the official festival programme

Two objects from among the viewers’ favourites from the landscape object festival “The way through the Christmas trees” in 2014 and 2016, namely, “Tales of Schwarzhof manor house” and “Winter landscape” may be seen in Pardaugava. These objects are not included in this year’s festival, but thanks to the initiative of Kalnciema Quarter, they will continue to delight onlookers in the quarter of restored wooden buildings on Kalnciema Street and in Agenskalns market. The authors of both landscape objects are Liene and Oskars Pavlovski.

“Tales of Schwarzhof manor house”,  from “The way through the Christmas trees 2014” will be located in Kalnciema Quarter, reminding us that in the territory of Pardaugava, where today we see late 19th century wooden buildings on both sides of Kalnciema Street, there was once a stand of pine trees in the sandy dunes.  This heralds the rhythm of time – the altered landscape due to man’s activities and the early days of Riga’s construction work in Pardaugava.

“Winter landscape” from “The way through the Christmas trees 2016”, was formed to create the impression that it comprises two ice blocks, into which have been carved a scenic winter landscape. The object inspires thoughts of a dreamlike environment, where miracles can happen! Those that come across it can create their own personal story, by taking a selfie with it, and posting it on social networks, with the hashtag #Ziemas ainava.


Implemented by Kalnciema Quarter