A festival invites. Each time as though it was the first time

Over the nine years since it first began, the landscape object festival “The way through the Christmas trees” has become a familiar symbol of Riga. Every year, this month sparkles to brighten even the darkest of the seasons, and invites onlookers to think creatively and appreciate the urban environment by looking at it from a different perspective over the holiday season. 

Original works, created especially for the holidays, are provided by professional artists and students from the Art Academy of Latvia, as well as the creative community and entrepreneurs. In this festival, the process and the results are of equal significance!

In total, over the years of “The way through the Christmas trees” festival, more than 200 objects have been prepared and exhibited in the urban environment, in which the symbol of Christmas – the fir tree – appears in unusual and artistic interpretations.  In some cases, the objects even start living their independent lives outside of the festival period.

Thus, in 2017, affirming the legend of the first decorated Christmas tree in Riga, in Town Hall Square, the landscape art object “Christmas tree” was unveiled, created by designer Visvaldis Asaris and sculptor Kārlis Alainis, and sponsored by “Rietumu bank’s charity fund”.  In 2019, this object will travel to Brussels, to join the festival’s presentation exhibition in the European Parliament.

In the National Library of Latvia, a digitalised version of the National Encyclopaedia is currently being created, to be launched on 18th December, 2018. On the launch day, the first web page of the encyclopaedia will have a link to the information about the “Christmas tree” object, with illustrative material from the landscape object festival “The way through the Christmas trees”.

Over the years, news about the festival has spread outside of Latvia, and several landscape objects from “The way through the Christmas trees” have been displayed in the capital cities of our neighbouring countries – Lithuania and Estonia. The national media of other countries, such as Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy, have shown an interest in the festival, acknowledging it as original, and one of the most unique and tourism worthy events in Riga, and Europe.

Image: Landscape art object “Christmas Tree” (2017)